In 2023 Bernard Gepken was awarded with the cultural prize in his hometown Emmen for his “longstanding selfless commitment to make others shine troughout his work”. As a producer, songwriter, mixer and multi-instrumentalist he helps to find and explore an artist’s voice and message -and it’s possibilities. For Bernard Gepken, it’s not about the singing, but about the singer. Not about the guitar, but about the player. Not about the instrument itself, but the person and their story behind it. Always in favor of the message and showing the humanity in it, in a time when so much of this seems to be brushed away. With his first projects as a producer (after 15+ years of working as a session guitarist), he made albums for emerging indie artists. Recordings that sonically meet the standards of the current time, but have the expressiveness, feel and soul of the best in music history.

Bernard Gepken has worked with Daniël Lohues, Maaike Ouboter, Henny Vrienten, Herman Finkers, Bløf, Rob de Nijs, Froukje, Lenny Kuhr, Rowwen Heze, Carice van Houten, Van Dik Hout, Stephanie Struijk (Stevie Ann), Marlijn Weerdenburg, Paul de Munnik, Rob Dekay, Alex Roeka, Hannah Mae, Babette van Veen, Brigitte Kaandorp, Michael Prins, A balladeer, Tangarine, VanWyck, Lorrainville, Judy Blank, Mainstreet, Elske DeWall, Sterre Koning, Ruben Annink, Anneke van Giersbergen, Ed Struijlaart, Lucas Hamming, Stef Classens, Sandy Dane, Vonder & Bloom, Marlene Bakker, Jan Henk de Groot, Edwin Jongedijk, Esther Groenenberg, Marjet van den Brand/Lentekind, Yori Swart, Gerhardt, Channah, John Coffey, Démira, Coby Grant, Paolo Bernardini, Julia Zahra, Lisa Lois, Chris Hordijk, Gerson Main, Iris Kroes a.o.

On Empty Pockets (Them Dirty Dimes, 2023):
“An excellent collection of narrative songwork.” – Written in music
“Pretty much all style variants of roots music are featured, but translated to the currect time and played with unbridled enthusiasm” – Lust for life magazine
“The production sounds excellent, is full of color and set up in a very professional manner. The horns in particular, but also the use of pianos, strings, guitars and pedal steel, give Empty Pockets its face.” – Orange flag music

On Oaventuren (Marlene Bakker, 2023):
“As a whole it is really fantastically written, arranged and played.” – Musicmaker magazine
“Beautifully melodious songs that are easy to understand, but never sound smooth or predictable. Oaventuren leads the listener from highlight to highlight.” – ZING magazine
“Bernard Gepken’s crystal-clear production should not go unmentioned.” – Platomania
“A rich yet subtly detailed sound and on the other hand it all sounds quite subdued and extremely personal. An overwhelmingly beautiful album.” – De subjectivisten

On Fijn zo (Stephanie Struijk, 2021):
“A beautiful masterpiece in Dutch (language) music history.” – Platomania
“With little frills it is kept simple, but very effective” – Orange flag music

On Goo-vur-duh (Fred Goverde, 2021):
“It is a sincere and modest first album, full of character.” – 3voor12

On Raif (Marlene Bakker, 2018):
“Raif is a unique listening experience, a serene and melancholy enchantment that is lovingly and traditionally captured in sound. A masterful debut.” -DvhN
“The singer-songwriter makes an exceptionally beautiful debut with RAIF. Generously produced, with a starring role for right-hand man Bernard Gepken as guitarist and co-composer.” – Heaven Magazine

On In retrospect: yes (solo album, 2010):
“On his debut, Bernard Gepken shows himself to be a singer/songwriter with a good sense of arrangement and nuance. A promising album from which many beautiful things can emerge.” – Festivalinfo.nl